Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ensemble Tofino FAQ and new build

We get some common questions in our support email for tofino ( Here's answer to some of them. But definitely send any support issues to the email address, we will do our best to address them.

- Ensemble Tofino is free, and will continue to be free.
- Ensemble Tofino requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (Standard edition and up). There's currently no support for shell editions.
- There's no current plan for a design view, but keep sending those requests to the support email though. Always love to hear how people are using Tofino.
- Flex consulting requests can go through

New build available here. Some highlights from the change log:

- TOF-236: use better java heap defaults
- TOF-237: Intellisense lagging for large files
- TOF-238: trace( and stage auto-complete to Trace( and Stage
- TOF-239: intellisense swallows space char when it shouldn't

- TOF-113: Implement "Project from Existing Code..."
- TOF-230: fix build crashes due to limited memory
- TOF-231: auto-complete, auto-align, auto-highlight MXML end tags
- TOF-232: control-] does not move to matching token

- bug fixes:
- TOF-89: object browser NavigateTo() should open item in browser
- TOF-97: make type refs in object browser signatures be hyper links
- TOF-98: have "small" constant values show in the full signature in the object browser
- TOF-196: make long builds be cancellable
- TOF-199: improve local debug/intellisense tooltip and watch displays
- TOF-207: project building always expands the entire solution explorer
- TOF-212: make code-completion more automatic
- TOF-213: add useful keywords in code completion menus
- TOF-214: navigation/code completion should work with unsaved parse trees
- TOF-215: Support Flash Player Version defined in project property
- TOF-218: annoying build warning: Failed to match the compile target
- TOF-221: auto align braces as they are typed
- TOF-225: debugger crash when setting an invalid breakpoint
- TOF-224: forbid setting multiple breakpoints on the same line of code

David - in Vancouver

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