Monday, December 22, 2008

Ensemble Tofino for Visual Studio - Enabling Flex for .NET

New release of Ensemble Tofino is now available at our company's website here. The latest release includes features such as:
- intellisense code completion for Action Script and MXML sources
- debugging flex applications
- object browser now has type references as active hyperlinks
- "show all files" for flex projects in the solution explorer
- comes in 2 variants, one with rebundled Flex SDK, and one without
- Options page added. Access the options page via Tools > Options > Projects > Flex Projects
- "Go to definition" in Flex sources and object browser
- and many more

For complete change log, please go here.

For support questions, please send them to

Tofino is available for free.

Happy coding and merry Christmas/Happy holidays!

Dave in snowy vancouver.