Saturday, February 24, 2007

How to automate testing of PDF based form solutions?

With the increased adoption of fillable PDF forms for government agencies and corporations, there is a need to automate the testing process of online applications that includes PDF Forms. How is this accomplished?

Use the testing tool and example provided on Adobe LiveCycle Developer center. Note, the PDF form tester toolkit contains C, Java, JUnit, Robot, RobotJ, and VB Examples. This should allow adoption of these samples into any existing test framework.

David in Vancouver

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

LiveCycle Workflow Tutorials

For those interested, there is a series of LiveCycle Workflow tutorial posted on my company's site here.

This tutorial shows you how to implement a process using Adobe LiveCycle Workflow. The thirteen parts step you through changing an existing paper process for expense reports into a completely electronic process.

The following topics are covered:

1. Adding LiveCycle Workflow fields to the form
2. Uploading the form to LiveCycle Form Manager
3. Linking the form to a category
4. Identifying the form as initiator of a workflow
5. Initiating a workflow by submitting the form
6. Assign the form to a group of users
7. Render the submitted form as a PDF
8. Use route names as choice-list items
9. Split workflows into parallel branches of tasks
10. Save the form as PDF in the file system
11. Insert the form data into a database
12. Look up the originator's e-mail address
13. Importing the sample workflow



Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Changing the paradigm - new user interaction

Go to here to view a more extended display of multi touch system from Jeff Han. He originally displayed the multi-touch system at TED conference in 2006. This technology alone, can change the way humans interact with machines. More information at the tip of your finger tips and hopefully reduce the number of RSI.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Hockey Pool, Flex Style

Come check out the Flex Hockey Pool (and the scrolling RSS component) that a few coworkers of mine created. The demo can be launched here. Note, Flash 9 player is required to view the application.