Saturday, January 10, 2009

New tutorial created around building Flex application in Visual Studio utilziing Ensemble Tofino

Matt Wicks has created a tutorial content around building a flex application using Ensemble Tofino posted at DeveloperFusion. Take a look here and help get started on Flex in Visual Studio. Anyone running into issues around Ensemble Tofino, questions around consulting, feel free to contact

David in rainy Vancouver.


HD said...

I got the latest Tofino version but still got the same exception as others did. Any suggestions?

David said...

Hi HD,

Edit the Tofino.config file in Tofino's lib folder. Use this to specify the min and max java heap size. 0 and 0 / 0 and 256 have worked for other users. (0 means use system defaults.)

If this doesn't solve your problem, please forward the exception, environment, and any other info to



Farooq said...

Please check with 0 /128 for min and max java heap size. This could solve your problem.