Thursday, January 17, 2008

New COLLADA flex sample based on Away3D

Finally got around to posting a COLLADA viewer that we built based on modified version of Away 3D. The component was put together to support viewing 3D models based on the COLLADA standard within a Flex application.

Changes include:
  • - Implement a flex component for the AWAY3d rendering engine.
  • - Hover/Zoom navigation support using custom targeted hover camera (hold down shift OR ctrl on top of the model viewer).
  • - Added simple material and lighting support to the COLLADA parser.
  • - Added materials preloading support.

The reason behind building this component is that we wanted to support viewing and interacting with a 3D model for a flex application. We also wanted to ensure that existing 3d models can be reused. Some of our envisioned usage scenarios below:
  • - interacting with a Air Plane or Car Model for a technician to document repairs and issues done (visual maintenance record).
  • - review architecture and design decisions for a building amongst architects, and developers.
  • - etc...
The viewing part was handled, but interacting will require a bit more work. The source code and samples have been posted. Feel free to upgrade / migrate to the latest AWAY 3D and/or merge the changes into Papervision 3d (PV3D).

To view a demo of the viewer in action here. The samples page on our website here, including a download for project source.




Christian H said...

Hi Dave

Nice sample.

When I try to compile the source in the source-zip - I get exceptions in ColladaviewerDemo. Do you have an update on the source-code I can use?
I'm trying to modify your sample to be able to load a model with multiple materials. (I couldn't get that to work)

Rex Kilian said...

Hi, the links no longer work. Can you please post an new link to the example and source code? Thanks

Dan said...

Hey guys

The links seem to be broken. Maybe a new link if possible please?